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How Celebrating Milestones Supports Your Loved Ones During the Holidays

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You may have experienced anxiety or frustration planning or carrying out celebrating a milestone with one of your loved ones who has Alzheimer’s or related dementia. It’s not uncommon, especially if your loved one struggles to make sense of or join in on the celebration.

The key to celebrating a milestone with a loved one who has memory loss is to stay positive. Another helpful hint: Be grateful and be thankful for these moments that are all part of the journey of being a part of the lives of loved ones who have Alzheimer’s and related dementia.

One thing that is important is to maintain a sense of normalcy, even in these difficult seasons. Holding onto milestone events, anniversaries, and remembrances helps bring

stability to lives and in some small way lets those around you know of your love for your loved one with memory loss.

Stick with it. These milestone events, no matter how small or challenging they may be, are ways to make new memories and may even have uplifting surprises themselves.

Maintain a Positive Environment

Experts say that in these milestone events or occasions you should focus on the positives. For your loved ones with dementia, this time of year may still have special meaning for them so continue to celebrate the holidays, special moments, anniversaries, or other family events.

Take this time to recall the good times and fun memories. Laugh as you remember the notable events or achievements. Tears are okay!

The main benefit in reliving memories of milestone events is that you help your loved ones with memory loss to engage their mind. Often they struggle to start thinking about these things themselves, or starting an activity. Give them hints about times or memories past and see if it’s a boost to them.

By talking about these milestones, you’re also helping their mental and physical health. Studies have shown the positive benefits of reliving the milestones and memories of their lives.

And the topics are numerous. It could be a wedding, or a birth. A favorite pet. Their favorite movie or song. Their favored food or dessert. Take them on a journey through old photos or songs. Find things that bring them joy.

How to Get Started

While it may not always be easy, just try jumping in and remember, it’s okay to feel awkward at times. Keep their needs and their health in mind as you work with them.

Form a team if that’s going to help you. Inviting others to participate will bring fresh ideas, memories, and knowledge of milestone events to the group. They may bring a new energy or ideas that you had not thought of.

Keep at it and see if it doesn’t also bring a smile to your face.


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