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New Trends In Senior Living Communities In 2021

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Gone are the stigmas associated with senior living communities. In their place are vibrant, social, and lively places filled with laughing faces, energetic events, bold explorations, and new opportunities to learn or hone the skills of once-favorite hobbies. 

In the past few decades, senior living communities have come a long way. We are confident that the new trends set to emerge in the coming years will not disappoint. 

The following are some trends to keep an eye on or expect when moving to an assisted living community in 2021:


  • Location, location, location. Whatever your fancy, more communities are beginning to meet demands for shopping, culture, exquisite dining experiences and more. Residents hoping for a luxurious and relaxing setting will not be disappointed as communities begin to align their services, facilities, and amenities to the needs and desires of their resident family. Resort-style apartments, exciting outings, and a rich activities schedule are just some of the things you might come to expect of most senior living communities in the present and near future.
  • Smart use of technology. As the use of smart devices rises, so too does the accessibility of senior living communities. Many now offer instant access to program scheduling, digital sign up sheets for activities, and a sneak peek at the daily menu. Additionally, there are also several health and safety uses for smart devices that are being provided by communities across the country. 
  • Thoughtful design. Many people associate design with the grandeur of luxury resorts, but the design we’re referring to is pointing to the health, safety, and happiness of the resident family. Memory care facilities are especially reliant on thoughtful design to help keep residents safe, deter wandering, and keep them content in their surroundings. It is truly amazing how much a community’s design, decor, and overall atmosphere can contribute to the experience of the resident family. 
  • Everything on-site, including healthcare. Not only do senior living communities offer everything from a movie theatre to library to beauty parlor, but they are now beginning to offer on-site healthcare options such as vaccine clinics, routine exams, and even urgent care services. This helps keep their resident family healthy while providing them the service without leaving the comfort and safety of their home.
  • Pet friendliness. Many people cannot imagine life without their pets. Senior living communities have recognized this and many not only allow your four-legged friend to live with you in your new home, but they also have designated pet-friendly areas that make it easier to care for and entertain your furry friends. 
  • Restaurant-style dining. Many senior living communities have broken the stigmas of “hospital food” by hiring professional chefs to prepare delectable cuisine on a daily basis. Residents can experience a varying selection of tantalizing tastes as they sample only the finest food from around the world. This is a far cry from “cafeteria food” and helps to contribute to the overall experience by providing thoughtfully-prepared, delicious, nutritious food day in and day out. 
  • Specialty fitness classes. Staying active is important at any stage of life, but recent years have brought a boutique fitness trend to senior living communities. Look for classes like tai chi, yoga, pilates, zumba, and water aerobics. For outdoor adventures, you might notice hiking excursions, golfing, and tennis lessons as fitness options at many communities. 
  • Make your mark in your community. Many more senior living communities have recognized the power of giving back and stepping up in your community throughout retirement. You might start to notice volunteer programs being touted at many senior living communities as this trend grows in popularity. 
  • Exciting excursions. As we open up post-pandemic, it is going to become a trend for senior living communities to offer exotic and exciting excursions so their resident family can get out and check off bucket list items with their peers. Searching for a thrill? Try skydiving, kayaking, or hot air balloon rides. 
  • Personal growth. A wise person never stops learning. Senior living communities have long ago recognized the need for continuous learning and growth, but look for this to show up in a grander way in the future in the form of art centers, music lessons, book clubs, and more. 


Each year, senior living communities are listening to their residents and adding more exciting and adventurous activities, events, and amenities to their offerings. 

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