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World Alzheimer’s Day is Sept. 21, a Reminder on How to Work on Brain Health

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Every year, “World Alzheimer’s Day” falls in September, which is a good reminder that seniors and the elderly can work on maintaining a healthy brain. This year, World Alzheimer’s Day is on Sept. 21.

For seniors, avoiding memory loss or slowing or preventing the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s is possible with brain training. Certain long-term studies show that slowing memory loss and other mental issues is possible by training your brain.

A study of adults 65 and older showed that brain training over about five to six weeks helped them improve their memory, reasoning, and speed of processing information for up to five years. Even common tasks such as managing money and housework improved in the thousands of adults who participated in the sessions.

You can do the activities in your senior assisted living community to help improve your brain health. Here are tips that you can practice.

Eat well and exercise. Exercising regularly is a huge benefit. By exercising, you directly benefit your brain cells by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. Eating well is another way of helping your brain. Fresh fruits and vegetables along with limiting your sodium and sugar intake are healthy practices.

Make connections with people. Humans are social and being social helps your brain thrive on these connections with people and relationships.

Giving your brain a workout. You can get long-term health benefits to your brain by keeping it engaged and challenged. To help you, here’s a list of things you can do:

—Play board games or cards with friends or family members. Try new games. The important thing is to work your brain and make social connections.

—Learn a new language. Start playing an instrument.

—Do crosswords, Wordle, or sudoku. Try puzzles, especially challenging ones.

—Play online memory games or video games. 

—Take adult education classes.

This is all easy stuff, right? Take advantage of these easy to follow tips to help improve your brain health and improve your outcomes over the long term.


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