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Bellaire at Stone Port in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Pet Therapy in Memory Care: Bellaire’s Unique Approach

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Are you exploring memory care options for a loved one? It’s crucial to consider communities that offer innovative therapies. At Bellaire at Stone Port, we integrate pet therapy into our memory care program, recognizing the profound benefits it brings to our residents. In this post, we’ll highlight why pet therapy is essential in memory care and how Bellaire at Stone Port stands out in this innovative approach.


The Power of Pet Therapy in Memory Care

  • Emotional and Physical Benefits: Studies show that interactions with pets can reduce stress, improve heart health, and increase social engagement.
  • Cognitive Stimulation: Pet therapy has been linked to cognitive stimulation, helping residents maintain mental acuity and cognitive function.
  • Mood Enhancement: Interactions with animals can elevate mood levels, fostering a positive emotional state among our residents.
  • Bellaire’s Approach: We offer regular pet therapy sessions, understanding its significance in enhancing the quality of life for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Engaging Community Life at Bellaire

  • Varied Activities: From music sessions to arts and crafts, our residents enjoy a range of stimulating activities, ensuring an engaging lifestyle.
  • Personalized Memory Care: Our Innovations Memory Care Program focuses on individual needs, incorporating pet therapy for holistic wellness.


Compassionate Care and Support

  • Professional Team: Our dedicated team, including licensed nurses and trained caregivers, provide personalized, compassionate care.
  • Family Involvement: We encourage families to participate in our community, offering peace of mind and a supportive environment for their loved ones.


Choosing the right memory care community is a vital decision. At Bellaire at Stone Port, we believe in the power of pet therapy to enrich the lives of our residents. Our approach is tailored to provide not just care, but a sense of joy and community.


To learn more about our pet therapy program and memory care services, contact us for a tour of Bellaire at Stone Port.