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Senior Living Communities’ Effects On Social Life

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As seniors age, they may begin to give up many social activities that they once enjoyed. This can be due to the hassle it becomes to get out of the house. Many seniors eventually give up their driver’s license, so transportation can become difficult to arrange and many end up just giving up their activities. This can be isolating and cause the individual to feel lonely. If they live alone, these feelings are amplified.

Independent and assisted living can provide accessible opportunities to stage engaged in social interactions again.

Never Eat Alone

Many seniors that live alone must prepare and eat all of their meals alone. Studies have shown that this results in less nutritious meals being consumed by seniors. Simple sharing a meal with a friend can be a great way to have meaningful social interactions.

This is why assisted living communities provide a communal dining room. The great ones also provide a delectable menu that suits any palate or dietary restriction. Eating with others in the community is a natural way to connect and spark new friendships.

Many communities also offer residents the option to reserve a private dining area for visitors, such as old friends and family.

A Full Calendar

One of the best features of most assisted living communities is the activity calendar. Seniors are able to pick up their favorite hobbies, activities, sports, and social outings that they once enjoyed… without the stress of thinking about transportation.

The full calendars allow residents to enjoy rich experience and a high quality of life again. That’s priceless.

New Friends

After settling in to a senior living community, an individual will begin a new routine. That routine will include seeing other residents and team members regularly. This often fosters lasting relationships that become a valuable part of their lives.

Retaining Independence And Dignity

One overlooked aspect of assisted living communities is the fact that they are designed to help seniors remain autonomous for as long as possible. Private apartments help the individual retain their sense of individuality. As medical conditions arise, the community’s team of professionals will provide assistance, as needed. Many seniors prefer this to having family care for them as they age. 

What many don’t realize is that assisted living provides seniors with all the choices and comforts of home while providing a safe and convenient environment where they can flourish in their golden years. The biggest difference is that they do not need to arrange transportation to be involved in social activities, exercise classes, or group outings. 

Selecting The Right Community

While there are many benefits to assisted living communities, it’s also important to select the right one for your specific needs and desires. It has to feel right and make sense for your situation. 

Bellaire at Stone Port is devoted to providing a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where residents can easily transition, thrive and enjoy life – just like at home. From our caring and attentive team to enriching amenities that create a strong sense of community and friendship, our focus is to offer quality care that is personal and thoughtful.

We invite you to schedule a visit and experience the Bellaire at Stoneport lifestyle for yourself! 

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