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When Is It Time To Move To A Senior Living Community?

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As people begin to age, difficult questions often emerge that are hard for the individual and their family to answer. One of these is, “When is it time to move to a senior living community?”

Many turn to professionals to get a clear answer as to when the “perfect” time is to move themselves or their loved one into a community. However, this decision is highly personal and completely dependent upon each family’s unique needs. 

If you live alone and you are beginning to have difficulty walking on your own, you may be at risk of falling and having no one there to help you get up. When it becomes a safety issue is when most families decide to make the move. 

Other times families and individuals may consider making the move to assisted living is when things like shopping or activities of daily living (ADLs) become difficult or impossible for them to do on their own. If they are forgetting medications, skipping meals because they can’t prepare them properly, or not getting out of their home to see friends and family, it might be time to start talking about assisted living options. 

It might be time to have the conversation if your loved one is:

  • Having difficulty walking and/or at risk for falls
  • Having trouble preparing food or taking medication
  • Feeling isolated, depressed, or bored

Benefits Of Moving To Assisted Living

Many people make assumptions about assisted living before they learn about all the many benefits. Some people think it is like a nursing home, very sterile and “medical.” On the contrary, most assisted living communities are better compared to efficiency apartments with extra care and safety measures built in. 

Most communities provide transportation services, a full social calendar, fitness activities, and have planned times for residents to participate in their favorite hobbies such as crafting, gardening, or fishing. 

The staff at most senior living communities are trained professionals, with many being registered nurses or even doctors. This ensures that the residents are being monitored and in a safe environment where they can receive attentive care and experienced monitoring. 

Many seniors report that they were nervous at first and maybe even resistant to moving into a community, but that they now love it and are thriving. 

Residents enjoy the camaraderie, events, delicious food, and freedom. They no longer need to worry about the stress of home maintenance and upkeep, meal planning and preparation, or safe transportation to and from appointments and errands. 

These communities are often as helpful as needed and work to keep the residents as independent as possible for as long as possible. 

How Do You Know What’s Best For Your Loved One?

The first step is to talk through it. If you are working on behalf of a loved one, sit down and have a conversation with them. Ask them about their needs, desires, abilities, and goals. Ask them about any concerns they have with the prospect of moving to assisted living. 

Work out a plan that works for both your loved one and their family. 

After you have a clear vision of what they’ll be looking for, do your homework. There are many care options available. From home care to nursing homes to assisted living communities, there are several options for keeping your loved one safe, happy, and thriving. 

If you are deciding to move to a community, schedule a tour and prepare a list of questions to ask. Observe the atmosphere, the team, and the residents. You can get a good idea of what you can expect from a community just by visiting. 

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